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To understand the intricacies of the diverse and constantly evolving SHG movement and to be a part of its evolution, it is necessary to participate in forums where we can learn from other stakeholders of this movement and share our experience with them. Memberships of Livelihoods Manthan, AFARM, Enable and Sa-dhan's SHG Task Force help us in effectively collaborating with various stakeholders of the SHG movement.

Livelihoods Manthan

Livelihoods Manthan is a collaborative effort to envision the participation of management and higher educational institutions as a vital part of the livelihoods ecosystem in India. It provides a dynamic platform for academics, practitioners and livelihood promoting agencies to work together for a vibrant livelihoods ecosystem in India. As part of this consortium, Chaitanya is focusing on designing converting its existing courses into online formats for wider disperse and also documenting best practices in livelihoods from a practitioner's standpoint through its blog - http://thelivelihoodjournal.wordpress.com/.

Action For Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra (AFARM)

AFARM is an association of more than 250 voluntary organizations (VOs) working in the field of rural development in Maharashtra. AFARM aims to provide a forum for interaction amongst VOs and other funding and developmental organizations, including the Government, for sustainable development of the society.

Sa-Dhan's Task Force on SHG Federation

The SHG Task Force helps the Sa-Dhan Secretariat to focus on issues related to SHG/SHG federation and formulate strategies to work towards strengthening the SHG movement. The rationale behind the task force formation arose from the need to bring focus on the issues of the different legal forms and operating models of SHG/SHG federation.

National Network Enabling Self Help Movement (Enable)

Previously known as National Network of Resource Organizations (NNRO), Enable and its member organizations are engaged in a number of activities to strengthen the SHG movement in India. Activities of Enable include research based advocacy and capacity building of primary and secondary stakeholders in the SHG sector. Other partners of ENABLE are:

Reach India: www.reach-india.net