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Manthan Courses - MFDM & NGO Management

Course 01: (Micro finance)

Title of the training course: Micro finance Development and Management.

Target Participants: Graduate girls wanting to pursue their career in Micro-finance sector

Objectives of program:

To build capacity of youth in the field of micro-finance by imparting to them necessary values, attitude, knowledge and skills to address the issues of poverty at grass root level.

To build a cadre of professionals trained in management, development and sustainability of micro-enterprise/institutions to lead micro-finance industry.

Other relevant information: This course is jointly certified by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Chaitanya

Subject covered

  1. Development orientation & Development challenges in poverty stricken areas of India

  2. Fundamental Principles of Micro Finance

  3. Delivery models of Micro Finance

  4. Developing & Managing peoples Organizations for MF Programs

  5. Concept and skills of Financial Literacy

  6. Strategic Business planning

  7. Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship development

  8. Design and delivery of Training programs for Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  9. Basic Accounting and record keeping for SHGs and their federation

  10. Management Information System in Micro-finance programs

  11. Livelihood promotion in Micro-finance program

  12. Community participatory tools & techniques for Micro Finance

Course 02: (NGO Management and Resource Mobilization)

Title of the training course: NGO Management and Resource Mobilization.

Target Participants: Graduate or post graduate boys and girls engaged in or wanting to pursue their career in NGO sector.

Objectives of program: To refurbish knowledge and skills of youth engaged in NGO sector in order to capacitate them with a critical perspective and tools in the art of organizational management and development. To build a cadre of development professionals in social work who can promote credibility in NGO sector.

Other relevant information: This course is jointly certified by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Chaitanya

Subjects Covered

  1. Strategic organizational planning,

  2. Project planning,

  3. Monitoring, Evaluation

  4. resource mobilization

Course 03: SHG animator Course

Title of the course: Prerak Prerika Abhyaskram in partnership with YCMOU (Yashwant Rao Chavan Open University)

Target Participants: SHG members who have completed VII standard or any other person interested in promoting SHGs in the village

Objective of the Programme: To train local women and youth to participate in the SHG programme by providing them training with practical field experience in promotion and strengthening of SHGs. The course is offered by State Open University – YCMOU

Subjects Covered:

  1. Women and Poverty

  1. Concept and formation of SHGs

  2. Record Keeping

  3. Bank linkages

Downloadable Documents

Courses - Handout (Marathi)